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Aerial view of a natural, rocky landscape with green vegetation and bodies of water, accompanying the title '20 Sustainable Fashion Facts' for State of Matter's feature on the rise of sustainable fashion.

Shop Our Sustainable Clothing Picture this: You're rummaging through your closet, sifting th...

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20 Sustainable Fashion Facts

Blog post header featuring a man in a dark blue suit with the title 'Dressing Your Groomsmen 101' and subtitle 'Find the Right Fit For Your Crew' on the left, set against a blurred loft-style backdrop.

Shop Our Sustainable Clothing Weddings are not just about the couple in the spotlight. It's ...

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What Do Groomsmen Wear for a Wedding?

Image showing a reflection of a man in formal attire, with text discussing how to differentiate groom from groomsmen attire for a blog post.

Shop Our Sustainable Clothing Weddings are joyous occasions filled with traditions, customs...

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How to Differentiate the Groom from the Groomsmen

Sustainable Fashion Quotes

Shop Our Sustainable Clothing Fashion is an integral part of our lives. It is a form of self-expr...

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Sustainable Fashion Quotes

Featured image for blog post: "MEN'S SUSTAINABLE SHOE BRANDS - Where Style Meets Sustainability" by State of Matter, displaying an open suitcase with neatly arranged leather shoes, a folded pink shirt, and a brown belt.

In the ever-changing fashion landscape, many shoes find their final resting place not on weary fe...

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25 Sustainable Men's Shoe Brands for a Lighter Footprint

Featured image for blog post: "ADOPTING SUSTAINABLE FASHION HABITS - Every Little Step Counts" by State of Matter, featuring a hand holding a smartphone with a recycling symbol on the screen, symbolizing eco-friendly practices in fashion.

The buzz around sustainable fashion is growing louder daily in our modern world. It's not just a ...

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Sustainable Fashion Habits

Featured image for blog post: "SUSTAINABLE FASHION VS. FAST FASHION - A Battle Worth Noticing" by State of Matter, depicting a man in a sharp blue shirt and grey trousers, holding a laptop, symbolizing the professional approach to sustainable fashion.

Shop Our Sustainable Clothing In today's rapidly evolving fashion world, a stark dichotomy has em...

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Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion

Man in an eco-friendly white T-shirt and black pants posing in a room with a brick wall, for a blog about the environmental benefits of sustainable clothing.

Shop Our Sustainable Clothing As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need to adopt s...

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Going Green: The Rise of Eco-Friendly T-shirts in Sustainable Fashion

Featured image for blog post: "SUSTAINABLE FASHION DESIGNERS - Leading the Way in Sustainable Fashion" by State of Matter, showcasing a neatly organized shelf with rolls of fabric and pattern papers, with a potted plant adding a touch of greenery.

Sustainable fashion designers are the heroes we need in today's fashion world. With environmental...

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10 Sustainable Designers Leading the Charge in Conscious Fashion

Image promoting the 'Join the Plastic-Free Movement' with dates from July 1 to July 31. The right side shows a textured purple surface with the statement 'Plastic takes 500 years to decompose,' emphasizing the longevity of plastic waste.

Shop Our Sustainable Clothing Welcome to Plastic Free July, a global movement tackling singl...

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Plastic Free July