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25 Sustainable Men's Shoe Brands for a Lighter Footprint

In the ever-changing fashion landscape, many shoes find their final resting place not on weary feet but in swelling landfills. This reality is as uncomfortable as a pair of ill-fitting loafers. While thrift stores and second-hand shops offer some respite, finding that perfect fit can often feel like a marathon with no finish line. Conscious consumers, especially men, shouldn't have to settle for less-than-ideal ethical options, like the last pair of worn-out sneakers on a sale rack.

Fortunately, there's good news! Many brands are stepping up, merging style and sustainability seamlessly. They're crafting sustainable shoes that make men look and feel great and tread lightly on our planet. Below, we will introduce you to 25 such brands making a significant difference with eco-friendly shoes.

What are Sustainable Shoes?

Sustainable shoes are more than just a fashion statement; they are a commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices. They represent a shift towards responsible manufacturing, thoughtful design, and conscious consumerism. Here's what you should look for when shopping for sustainable and eco friendly men's shoes:

Eco-friendly Materials: Brands that use natural, renewable, or recycled materials significantly contribute to sustainability. This includes organic cotton, linen, and natural rubber. Other environmentally friendly options include hemp, lyocell fabric, or cork.

Sustainable Leather: If you prefer leather shoes, opt for brands that use recycled or byproduct leather tanned with vegetable-based substances. This approach significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional leather production methods.

Recycled or Biobased Synthetic Fabrics: While completely avoiding synthetic fabrics in shoe manufacturing is challenging, some brands are using recycled or biobased materials. Examples include BloomFoam algae or castor bean oil, which help reduce reliance on non-renewable resources.

Certifications: Look for certifications such as the Leather Working Group, OEKO-TEX® 100, and Global Organic Textile Standard. These ensure that the product has met rigorous sustainability standards.

Transparent Supply Chain and Ethical Labor Practices: Brands should demonstrate transparency in their supply chains and adhere to ethical labor practices. This includes fair treatment, wages, and conditions for all individuals involved in the production process.

Eco-friendly Business Practices: Brands that engage in carbon offset programs or use low-waste shipping methods show a broader commitment to sustainability.

Community Engagement and Charitable Giving: Consider brands that give back to their communities or engage in charitable giving. This focuses on values beyond profit and contributes to a more sustainable and equitable world.

By choosing sustainable men's shoes, you're not just investing in durable, stylish footwear. You're also making a conscious choice to support brands prioritizing the planet and its people.

Our List of 25 Sustainable Men's Shoe Brands

  • Adelante Shoes Co.

  • Best For | Ethically-minded consumers

    Size Range | Custom sizing available

    Price Range | $195 - $365

    Materials | Locally sourced leather, Natural rubber

    Made In | Guatemala

    Adelante Shoe Co. is a socially responsible brand that offers custom-made shoes crafted by skilled craftsmen in Guatemala. The company is deeply committed to improving the living standards of their craftsmen and their families by providing them with wages far above the local average.

    Their sustainable practices extend to using high-quality natural materials, locally sourced leather and rubber, minimizing waste, and maintaining a small carbon footprint. The company's ethical commitment also includes investing in its craftsmen's skill development and long-term well-being. Adelante Shoe Co. is a perfect example of a brand that harmoniously blends sustainability, ethics, and quality in its men's shoes.

  • 8000Kicks

  • Best For | Casual wear, Outdoor activities

    Size Range | US Men's 7 to 14

    Price Range | $89 - $129

    Materials | Hemp, Algae, Durable natural rubber

    Made In | Portugal

    8000Kicks is a pioneer in producing eco-friendly shoes for men. Known for creating the world's first waterproof cannabis sneakers, this brand utilizes natural and sustainable materials like hemp and algae.

    The shoes are not only durable but also comfortable and stylish. Their ethical practices extend to ensuring fair trade and maintaining transparency in their supply chain. With their innovative approach to sustainable footwear, 8000Kicks demonstrates that style, comfort, and sustainability can coexist beautifully.

  • Ahimsa

  • Best For | Vegan consumers

    Size Range | US Men's 7 to 13

    Price Range | $89 - $189

    Materials |High-quality synthetic materials

    Made In | Brazil

    Ahimsa is a vegan brand that focuses on respect for all forms of life. As the name suggests (Ahimsa stands for 'non-violence' in Sanskrit), they are committed to producing footwear without causing harm to animals. Their sustainable men's shoes are made from high-quality synthetic materials mimicking the properties of leather, ensuring durability and comfort.

    Ahimsa takes pride in being one of the few shoe brands globally that own and operate their factory, allowing them to ensure fair labor practices and complete control over their production process. This Brazilian brand offers an ethical alternative to traditional leather shoes. It proves that sustainable fashion can be stylish and sophisticated.

  • Allbirds

  • Best For | Comfortable everyday wear

    Size Range | US Men's 7 to 14

    Price Range | $95 - $135

    Materials | Merino wool, Eucalyptus tree fiber, Sugarcane

    Made In | Designed in New Zealand and San Francisco, Produced in South Korea and China

    Allbirds is a New Zealand-American company known for its innovative approach to creating eco-friendly footwear. Their shoes, designed for comfort and sustainability, are made from responsibly sourced materials like merino wool, eucalyptus tree fiber, and sugarcane. Allbirds is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has set an ambitious goal of eliminating its products' carbon emissions.

    The company's transparency about its supply chain and its dedication to sustainability have earned them a B Corp certification. With a range of stylish and comfortable men's shoes, Allbirds showcases that sustainable fashion does not have to compromise on aesthetics or functionality.

  • Brave Gentleman

  • Best For | Vegan consumers

    Size Range | US Men's 6 to 14

    Price Range | $250 - $650

    Materials | 'Future-leather', 'Future-suede', 'Future-wool'

    Made In | Portugal and Brazil

    Brave Gentleman is a pioneering brand in sustainable men's fashion. They are the first vegan brand to be featured in international men's fashion weeks, making a strong statement for cruelty-free fashion. Their shoes are made from innovative, sustainable materials like 'future-leather', 'future-suede', and 'future-wool', which are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials.

    Brave Gentleman emphasizes ethical production and labor practices, ensuring their products are made under fair working conditions. Their combination of classic styles and cutting-edge materials offers a range of stylish, ethical, and durable men's shoes.

  • Cariuma

  • Best For | Fans of classic sneaker aesthetics

    Size Range | US Men's 7 to 13

    Price Range | $79 - $138

    Materials | Organic cotton, Natural rubber, Recycled plastics

    Made In | Brazil

    Cariuma is a Brazilian footwear brand that combines classic aesthetics with modern sustainable practices. They are known for their comfortable and stylish sneakers made from responsibly sourced materials such as organic cotton, natural rubber, and recycled plastics. Cariuma takes a 'slow-fashion' approach, producing in small batches to reduce waste and ensure high-quality products.

    They also offset their carbon emissions by partnering with reforestation efforts in the Brazilian rainforest. With a focus on comfort, style, and sustainability, Cariuma offers a range of men's shoes that are good for both the wearer and the planet.

  • Ekn

  • Best For | Handcrafted shoe enthusiasts

    Size Range| EU 36 to 47 (US Men's 4.5 to 13)

    Price Range | €120 - €220

    Materials | Organic cotton, Natural rubber, Recycled plastic bottles

    Made In | Germany