We have a fearless curiosity and an unwavering commitment to advance fabrics to meet the needs of our customers and the environment. We break convention in spirit and in our actions to lead the clothing industry toward a cleaner future.

timeless meets modern

True To Your Own Trend

Our inspiration comes from men who are enthusiastic about fashion and know that personal confidence can be boosted through style. We design our apparel through a more modern lens because we know our guys want more than the same old traditional fit, colors and patterns. We push ourselves to help you add interesting touches to your wardrobe so you can get noticed.

The Evolution

Moving Men Forward

State of Matter™ is as much a mindset as it is an apparel brand. We’ve been in men’s fashion for a long time and we are witnessing more and more men evolve how they look and how they view the world. About menswear, we are here to support this evolution because we believe everyone has the right to feel free and fearless.

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