Smooth Movement is Always in Style

Your best game hinges on your body’s ability to move freely. The lightweight Chino pant offers just the right amount of stretch, so you can bend and rotate comfortably. Equipped with a gripping waistband, the Triton Chino will keep your shirt in place as you swing or reach. Pair with the State of Matter Oceaya Polo for maximum movement and breathability.

Comfort Around the Course

A long day of golfing demands style that provides all-day comfort. Enter the State of Matter Polo. This light, breathable masterpiece is designed with the golf course in mind. The anti-curl collar lays flat all day, even in rain or humidity. The sleeves are slightly longer than the sleeves of other golf polos, protecting your arms from irritation. The Triton Chino provides UV protection with a UPF 50+ rating, helping prevent sneaky sunburns after a day on the golf course.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Golf is a gentleman’s game: Appearances matter. Your golfing companions might be impressed to learn that your State of Matter Polo shirt is made from 11 recycled water bottles. Maybe. They will, however, undoubtedly be thrilled by your fragrance at the end of the day, thanks to your State of Matter Polo. This golf polo integrates crushed oyster shells into the fibers for natural odor control. Do your associates have crushed oyster shells in their golf polos? Let your nose be the judge.