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State of Matter Apparel Customer Reviews

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The Triton 5-Pocket
Glenn Granger
Great pant terrible stitching

I love the style, fit and fabric. But I’ve ordered and paid for 2 pair and received one replacement pair. All three had stitching problems with the rear left pocket. I had them repaired, but have subsequently found stitching issues across the belt line and elsewhere. This is on all 3 pair! What is it. Bad thread or poor quality process. It needs to be fixed.

The Triton Pant
James Peterson

These pants are amazing. Originally bought and used them for my wedding party. Destination wedding on a beach so they were perfect, everyone loved them. Now I use them for work and many of my groomsmen do as well. Wish they were little cheaper but worth the money.

The Phoenix Short Sleeve
Justin Gustafson
Short sleeve button ups

Long sleeves are great. If you are over 6’3 avoid the short sleeve button ups as they are crazy short! Long sleeves are an easy buy tho!

The Triton Pant
Tyler Marcello
Love it

Wish there were some discounts to buy more for customers (good idea for retention marketing!)

The Lennox
Too baggy

Too baggy and doesn’t fit slim

The Phoenix
Micah Donahue
Stainproof too?!

Previously unknown feature - I dumped some açaí smoothie on mine today. Any other fabric would have been trashed.

I washed it off in the sink, hung it in an open window, and in 45 minutes it was dry and good as new. Wow.

The Phoenix
Stephen Maik

The Phoenix

Great material

I like the cool featherweight feel of the fabric, and the fit is spot on

Oceaya Polo
Michele M

These polos are great. I was looking for something I could just wash at home, hang to dry and be ready to go, and these are it! I iron them once (low heat) to get rid of the packaging folding marks and they remain smooth after that. They also do keep you dry and fresh throughout the day, something that was also very important for me. The only negative is that I wish they had more color/patterns.

The Lennox
Michael Noonan
Odd attached tail

I really like the style, look and cut of the blazer, although the attached tail may be very easy to catch on a chair, rail or furniture. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

The Phoenix
Michael Noonan
Wrinkle and fancy free

Different color of the same shirt I already own and really enjoy wearing. I like the stretchy fabric that doesn't wrinkle after wearing for hours, so it looks as fresh at the end of the night was when taken off of the hanger.

The Phoenix
Mari Proctor
Husband Loved!!

My hubs has a XL athletic build and prefers a slimmer fit in the torso. He has wide shoulders too which means 4-way stretch is a must for comfort at work. I grabbed him one of these and he is hooked. He already ordered another color himself. Highly recommend. The only thing I would say that could be negative is be aware of color bleeding to other clothes when washing or sweating. Overall, very happy.

The Phoenix
tim maxwell

The Phoenix

The Triton Short
Greg Helpap

Best shorts ever!

The Phoenix
Mike Barnes
No response

It’s great you appreciate my business but I have asked for help on a shirt that tore when I buttoned the sleeve. It is a defective shirt. A response would be really helpful as I would like to replace the shirt. Thanks

The Triton Pant
Kent S Overbey
Awesome Pants

I've tried all the "stretch" dress pants and these are the best. Need more colors!!!

Oceaya Polo
vincent dirico

I like your material and fit. I feel that you need more options / variety

Thanks Vincent! Can you send us an email directly on what sort of options? We love the feedback

Low quality mayerial, odd fit

Ouch. Sorry to hear that! If you have a moment, could you email us directly and let us know what sort of quality and fit you were expecting? We love the feedback so thanks for taking the time!

Oceaya Polo
Nicolas K
Great fitting polo 👕

Love it, great fit and material!

The Phoenix
Robb Murray

I really like the pattern on this shirt and the attention to detail right
down to the cool buttons. So soft and comfortable and easy to take
care of!

Shirt is so, so, so short

I love the pattern, feel and materials in this shirt. I'm not overly tall by any means...pretty average at 5'11". I bought a large and this shirt is too short. Like, comically short. For someone who is 5'11" wearing a large, this shirt should not be this short. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to return this. Such a bummer because I love the shirt. Gotta fix the sizing, guys.

Sorry to hear about your experience! We hear you and we're working on it. Please send us an email directly to discuss your order details.

Would be great but way too short

I am 6’0” and 185 and always a large or even medium. I got the size large and the shirt is oddly really short. Doesn’t even hit the belt buckle in the front so no chance at tucking it in and looks really weird because it’s so short. I reached out to see if the XL would be longer and never heard back but I still ordered it to try it and the XL is wider but not any longer. The material is great but someone mismeasured the length on these which is too bad because it was almost a great shirt.

Thanks for your feedback William! We're sorry to hear the length didn't work out. Someone will reach out shortly if you would like to return. Our Short Sleeve Phoenix are not meant to be tucked in. We will be adjusting the length in future seasons but it will remain an untucked length. Hope that helps!

The Phoenix Short Sleeve
Anthony Shurtleff
My favorite

I’m an extremely picky person, but I have to say Kudos. The shirt is fantastic, especially in the unrelenting Texas heat. I have received multiple compliments on all the shirts I own (now 5). Not a better shirt out there.

Thanks Anthony! We appreciate you :)


I wish all shirts were designed with this much attention to detail. The detail is in the design and I love it. Runs a bit small so consider sizing up. I own 4 of these now and will probably buy the entire collection.

Thanks Robb! We will be adjusting the fit for next Spring. Hope to have you back for more next Spring!

Vintage print

Absolutely amazing shirt! The texture and feel is the best.