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Oceaya Polo Slim Fit

Oceaya Polo Slim Fit


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White Slim Fit Polo Shirt

Check out our new Athletic Fit Polo Shirts made with crushed oyster shells woven into the fabric for a permanent, all-natural anti-stink and anti-static benefit.

This slim-fitting shirt also features slim sleeves, a trim waist, moisture wicking material and No-Curl-Collar technology for an always polished look.

Looking for a stylish and comfortable outfit to wear? Look no further than our White Slim Fit Polo Shirt combined with our Men's Light Red Chino Pants. The sleek white polo shirt is perfect for a day at the office or a casual weekend outing, while the light red chino pants add a touch of color and style. 

The Men's Casual Salmon Pants and White Slim Fit Polo Shirt make for a classic, effortless look that's super easy to pull off. The salmon color of the pants adds a modern, vibrant touch to any outfit while the white polo shirt keeps it clean and timeless. 


slim fit with slim sleeves, a trim waist and a perfect untucked length. We also spent a crazy amount of time perfecting our engineered wrinkle resistant, No-Curl-Collar. Stays perfect 100% of the time.

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Mohammed is 6'1" tall, 180 lbs wearing a size medium Oceaya Polo.


You've never felt a fabric like this before. Our Athletic Fit Polo Shirts are incredibly smooth and lightweight. Micro-pique that has exceptional stretch in all directions and cool to touch.

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No-Curl Polo Collar

Curly is great for french fries, but not polo collars. We spent a crazy amount of time perfecting our engineered No-Curl-Collar. It stays perfect 100% of the time. Details matter.

  • 360-stretch that moves every way you do.

  • Biowick Icon

    Don't sweat it with our wicking and breathable technology..

  • Machine wash.Hang dry. That's it. Easiest care....ever.

  • Non-iron and wrinkle free.

  • Anti-stink to fight the funk.

  • Anti-static so you are free from cling