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Oceaya Polo Slim Fit

Oceaya Polo Slim Fit


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Check out our new Men's Navy Polo Shirt, made with crushed oyster shells woven into the fabric for natural anti-stink and anti-static benefits.

This slim-fitting polo has a trim waist and perfect untucked length, plus our engineered No-Curl-Collar that stays looking great no matter what.

If you're looking for a comfortable and stylish outfit, look no further than our Navy Blue Polo Shirt Men's and Gray Men's Shorts. The two pieces work perfectly together to create a relaxed and put-together look. Whether you're spending a day at the beach or just running errands, this combo is sure to leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

Navy Blue Polo Shirt Men's

Oyster Shells?!

With a commitment to sustainability and some unconventional thinking, we innovated a way to weave crushed oyster shells into the fibers to give our Navy Polo a permanent, all-natural anti-stink and anti-static benefit. No chemical coatings. Nothing but nature at work.


Our Navy Polo has a slim fit with slim sleeves, a trim waist and a perfect untucked length. We also spent a crazy amount of time perfecting our engineered No-Curl-Collar. Stays perfect 100% of the time.


Mohammed is 6'1" tall, 180 lbs wearing a size medium Oceaya Polo.


You've never felt a fabric like this before. Incredibly smooth and lightweight. Micro-pique that has exceptional stretch in all directions and cool to touch.

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No-Curl Polo Collar

Curly is great for french fries, but not polo collars. We spent a crazy amount of time perfecting our engineered No-Curl-Collar. It stays perfect 100% of the time. Details matter.

  • 360-stretch that moves every way you do.

  • Biowick Icon

    Don't sweat it with our wicking and breathable technology..

  • Machine wash.Hang dry. That's it. Easiest care....ever.

  • Non-iron and wrinkle free.

  • Anti-stink to fight the funk.

  • Anti-static so you are free from cling