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Top 20 Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Follow for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

In a world where the fashion industry significantly impacts the environment, embracing sustainable and eco-friendly fashion choices is more important than ever. To help you on your journey towards an environmentally conscious wardrobe, we've curated a list of the top 20 eco-friendly influencers leading the way sustainably. By following these inspiring individuals, you'll gain valuable insights, discover ethical brands, learn about eco-conscious styling tips, and stay updated on the latest trends in sustainable fashion!

Some sustainable fashion influencers we love

Aditi Mayer

Instagram: @aditimayer

Aditi Mayer, a sustainable fashion advocate, and storyteller from Los Angeles, California, promotes ethical fashion practices through her platforms. Her style combines vintage, cultural influences, and sustainability, showcasing the versatility of eco-conscious fashion. Aditi collaborates with brands prioritizing ethics and transparency, contributing to positive change. She shares her insights through notable platforms like Vogue Business while engaging in speaking engagements and workshops. Aditi's dedication to sustainable fashion and social justice has made her influential in the eco-conscious fashion community.

Aja Barber

Instagram: @ajabarber

Aja Barber, a sustainable fashion writer, stylist, and consultant, advocates for ethical practices and challenges fast fashion's negative impacts. Based in London, Aja's style blends vintage, thrifted items, and sustainable brands, emphasizing timeless wardrobes and inclusivity. She sheds light on social issues, promoting diversity and equity in the industry. Through her writing, Aja addresses cultural appropriation and labor exploitation, providing insightful perspectives. She is actively involved in sustainable initiatives, collaborates with ethical brands, offers consulting services, and contributes to panel discussions and workshops, inspiring ethical consumerism.


Instagram: @archerandwoods

Luke is an expert in transformational styling, and he is also the owner of Archer & Woods, a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in finding vintage pieces. He prioritizes ethics and durability, reflecting his commitment to the sustainable fashion movement. He also incorporates eco friendly practices like sustainable packaging and acquiring pre owned pieces. Luke’s main goal is to provide high-value alternatives to cheaply made modern products. Follow Archer & Woods for insights into ethical design and to support a brand dedicated to environmental and social responsibility.


Instagram: @bahramyara

Bahram, a passionate sustainable fashion influencer, inspires his audience to embrace ethical fashion choices. His style blends minimalism, vintage fashion, and sustainable brands, showcasing chic looks that prioritize sustainability and reduce fashion waste. Bahram educates his followers on fast fashion's environmental and social impacts, advocating mindful consumption and supporting ethical brands. He actively promotes fair trade practices and a transparent fashion industry, engaging in initiatives and community projects and making sustainable fashion a conscious lifestyle choice.

Brett Staniland

Instagram: @twinbrett

Brett Staniland, a sustainable fashion influencer, educates and inspires others to make conscious choices in their wardrobe and lifestyle. His contemporary and minimalist style showcases how sustainable fashion can be stylish and accessible. Beyond social media, Brett collaborates with ethical brands and actively engages in community initiatives. Through valuable insights and personal commitment, he encourages transparency, ethical production, and mindful consumption while promoting sustainability in daily life and local events.

Christian Petty

Instagram: @christianptty

Christian Petty, a passionate sustainable fashion influencer based in London, inspires his audience to embrace eco-friendly choices and ethical fashion practices. Christian showcases that sustainability and fashion can coexist beautifully through his minimalist personal style and engaging content. He provides tips on building sustainable wardrobes, highlights ethical brands, and emphasizes the importance of reducing fashion waste. Christian's relatable approach makes sustainable choices accessible and encourages others to join the movement.


Instagram: @chul.us

Chul is a sustainable fashion influencer. With a unique fusion of streetwear and eco-conscious style, he inspires his followers to embrace ethical fashion choices. Through engaging content on TikTok and Instagram, Chul educates his audience about sustainable styling, highlights eco-friendly brands, and emphasizes the importance of secondhand shopping. Join Chul's community to discover practical ways to incorporate sustainability into your wardrobe and support a more conscious fashion industry.

Clare Press

Instagram: @mrspress

Clare Press is a leading sustainable fashion advocate and author. She educates and inspires through her platforms. Clare's style showcases creative and accessible sustainable fashion, challenging stereotypes. As an influential writer, her books delve into the industry's complexities and offer solutions for a more ethical future. Clare's passion for sustainability has made her a prominent figure in the movement.

Danielle Alvarado

Instagram: @sustainablykindliving

Danielle Alvarado is a notable figure in the sustainable fashion community. Her dedication to eco-conscious living and ethical fashion choices has made her a respected influencer. Danielle shares her style, which combines vintage pieces with sustainable brands effortlessly, creating unique and timeless looks.

As an influencer, Danielle educates her audience on sustainable fashion practices and advocates for a more mindful approach to consumption. She collaborates with like-minded brands and organizations, spreading awareness and inspiring others to make sustainable choices.

Heidi Kaluza

Instagram: @the_rogue_essentials

Heidi Kaluza is a passionate sustainable fashion influencer. Her platform promotes ethical fashion choices and a sustainable lifestyle. Heidi's style showcases trendy and versatile looks using sustainable and secondhand pieces. She shares tips on conscious consumerism and highlights brands prioritizing sustainability. Follow Heidi for inspiration and practical advice on integrating sustainability into your fashion choices and daily life.

Izzy Manuel

Instagram: @izzy_manuel

Izzy Manuel is a sustainable fashion influencer. Her platform promotes ethical fashion choices and a sustainable lifestyle. Izzy's style showcases trendy looks with sustainable and secondhand pieces, proving that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. She shares tips on sustainable living and highlights brands prioritizing sustainability. Follow Izzy for inspiration and practical advice on incorporating sustainability into your fashion choices and lifestyle.

Joshua Katcher

Instagram: @joshua_katcher

Joshua Katcher is a renowned figure in the sustainable fashion movement. As an author, educator, and designer, he is dedicated to promoting ethical practices and raising awareness about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. Joshua's work emphasizes the importance of animal rights and sustainable materials. He challenges traditional notions of fashion by advocating for cruelty-free alternatives and encouraging consumers to make conscious choices.

Kate Hall

Instagram: @ethicallykate

Kate Hall is a prominent sustainable fashion influencer. Kate advocates for ethical fashion choices and a more sustainable lifestyle through her platform. Kate's style showcases creating chic and conscious looks using sustainable and ethical brands. She inspires her followers to embrace a more mindful approach to fashion, emphasizing quality over quantity.

In addition to fashion, Kate shares insights on sustainable living, including tips on eco-friendly practices and conscious consumerism. She actively collaborates with brands that prioritize sustainability, further promoting positive change in the industry.


Instagram: @callmeflowerchild

Sally, a passionate advocate for conscious and mindful living, uses her platform to share valuable insights and tips on various topics, including common waste practices, sustainable travel, thrift store treasures, and zero-waste solutions for the home.

Sally combines her love for nature and stunning landscapes with daily outfit inspiration through her Instagram account, showcasing her sustainable fashion choices. With a Mexican-Salvadorian background, she frequently highlights her vintage and thrifted clothing finds.

Marielle Elizabeth

Instagram: @marielle.elizabeth

Marielle promotes conscious fashion choices through her platform and encourages her followers to embrace a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Marielle's style showcases creating stylish, eco-friendly looks using sustainable and secondhand pieces. She highlights the beauty of slow fashion and encourages her audience to invest in quality, timeless pieces.

Beyond fashion, Marielle shares insights on sustainable living, including zero-waste practices and mindful consumption. She actively collaborates with brands that prioritize sustainability, showcasing their efforts and providing her followers with ethical options.

Noa Ben-Moshe

Instagram: @style.withasmile

Noa promotes positive and conscious fashion choices, encouraging her followers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle with a smile.

Noa's style reflects her positive energy, incorporating vibrant, colorful outfits with sustainable and secondhand pieces. She shows that fashion can be both playful and eco-friendly.

Noa also shares tips and ideas for sustainable living, from eco-friendly beauty routines to mindful consumption practices. She collaborates with ethical brands, showcasing their efforts to impact the fashion industry positively.

Pumulo K. Nguyen

Instagram: @pumuloknguyen

Pumulo advocates for conscious fashion choices through her platform and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Pumulo's style showcases her unique blend of modern and vintage fashion, incorporating sustainable and secondhand pieces to create stylish, eco-friendly looks.

Pumulo shares insights and tips on sustainable living, from eco-friendly beauty routines to ethical shopping practices. She collaborates with like-minded brands, highlighting their efforts to impact the fashion industry positively.

Thomas Lloyd

Instagram: @thomas.m.lloyd

Thomas Lloyd is a leading advocate for sustainable fashion. Thomas inspires his audience to make conscious fashion choices and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle through his platform. Thomas's style effortlessly combines contemporary trends with sustainable pieces, demonstrating that fashion can be stylish and ethical.

Beyond fashion, Thomas shares practical tips on sustainable living. He collaborates with ethical brands, promoting their efforts to impact the industry positively. Follow Thomas for fashion inspiration and insights into sustainable fashion and lifestyle choices.

Venetia La Manna

Instagram: @venetialamanna

Venetia La Manna is a prominent advocate for sustainable living. Venetia educates and inspires her followers through her platform to make conscious choices that benefit the planet and its inhabitants.

Venetia's style encompasses ethical fashion and vintage finds, showcasing the beauty of sustainable and timeless pieces.

In addition to fashion, Venetia shares insights on ethical beauty, mindful consumption, and environmental activism. She collaborates with sustainable brands and organizations, amplifying their efforts to create a more sustainable future.


Instagram: @styleand.sustain

Looking to explore fair fashion brands and find pre-loved gems? Look no further than Amma, a UK-based sustainable fashion influencer who deserves a spot on your eco-radar. Through her podcast and as a writer, podcaster, and digital content creator, Amma shares her journey from a fast-fashion addict to a passionate advocate for sustainable fashion. She goes beyond fashion, using her platform to champion racial justice and equality, raising awareness, and supporting various causes. Stay tuned to Amma for expert insights, inspiring stories, and meaningful discussions.

What's the difference between a fast fashion influencer and a sustainable fashion influencer?

The main difference between a fast fashion influencer and a sustainable fashion influencer lies in the values and practices they promote within the fashion industry.

Fast fashion influencers typically promote and endorse fast fashion brands, prioritizing quick production, low prices, and frequent consumption of new trends. They often showcase a high turnover of clothing items and promote a culture of disposable fashion. Fast fashion influencers tend to prioritize the latest trends, promote excessive consumption, and may not prioritize fashion's environmental or ethical aspects.

On the other hand, sustainable fashion influencers advocate for a more responsible and ethical approach to fashion. They promote brands prioritizing sustainability, ethical production, fair trade, and transparent supply chains. These influencers often emphasize the importance of mindful consumption, recycling, upcycling, thrifting, and investing in high-quality, durable clothing. They may also highlight the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry and encourage their followers to make more conscious fashion choices.

Sustainable fashion influencers may promote slow fashion principles, such as investing in timeless pieces, supporting local artisans, and embracing a minimalist wardrobe. They aim to create awareness about the need for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry and inspire their audience to adopt eco-friendly practices.

How can sustainable fashion influencers make a difference? What are some examples of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion influencers can make a difference in several ways:

  1. Education and Awareness: Influencers can educate their audience about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. They can raise awareness about textile waste, pollution, unethical labor practices, and the importance of sustainable alternatives.
  2. Promoting Ethical Brands: Influencers can showcase and promote ethical and sustainable fashion brands that prioritize transparency, fair trade, eco-friendly materials, and ethical production practices. Influencers encourage followers to support and invest sustainably by highlighting these brands.
  3. Encouraging Conscious Consumption: Sustainable fashion influencers can inspire their audience to adopt a more mindful and conscious approach to fashion consumption. They can advocate for practices such as thrifting, secondhand shopping, clothing rental services, and capsule wardrobes to reduce waste and promote longevity in fashion.
  4. Sharing Tips and Guides: Influencers can provide practical tips, guides, and resources on embracing sustainable fashion daily. They can share advice on building a sustainable wardrobe, styling techniques, DIY projects, and ways to repurpose or upcycle clothing items.
  5. Collaboration and Advocacy: Influencers can collaborate with sustainable fashion brands, organizations, and initiatives to amplify their message and create a larger impact. They can participate in campaigns, events, and projects that promote sustainability in the fashion industry and advocate for positive change.

Examples of sustainable fashion include:

  1. Organic and Eco-friendly Fabrics: Fabrics made from organic cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, and recycled materials help reduce the environmental impact of fashion production.
  2. Fair Trade Fashion: Brands prioritizing fair trade practices ensure that garment workers are paid fair wages, work in safe conditions, and have their rights protected.
  3. Slow Fashion: Slow fashion encourages a shift towards quality over quantity, focusing on timeless and durable pieces that can be worn for a long time. It promotes a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to fashion.
  4. Upcycled and Recycled Fashion: Upcycled fashion transforms discarded materials or clothing into unique pieces. Recycled fashion utilizes materials made from recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, or other waste materials.
  5. Ethical and Transparent Supply Chains: Brands that provide transparency about their supply chains and production processes, ensuring ethical sourcing of materials and responsible manufacturing.
  6. Zero-waste Fashion: This approach aims to eliminate textile waste by designing garments that generate minimal or no waste during production.
  7. Secondhand and Thrifted Fashion: Embracing pre-owned clothing reduces the demand for new items and extends the lifespan of garments.

These are just a few examples, and sustainable fashion encompasses a wide range of practices and initiatives that prioritize environmental and social responsibility within the fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion influencers are crucial in promoting eco-friendly lifestyles and conscious consumerism. Through their platforms, they educate and inspire their audiences to make sustainable choices in their fashion and lifestyle habits. From advocating for ethical practices and showcasing sustainable brands to sharing personal style tips and highlighting the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry, these influencers are positively impacting the planet.

By following these top 20 sustainable fashion influencers, you can stay updated on the latest trends, discover new ethical brands, learn about eco-friendly alternatives, and gain insights into living a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. Their fun, educational, and easy-to-read content makes it enjoyable and accessible for anyone interested in embracing sustainable fashion.

Remember, every small step towards sustainable fashion counts, and by following these influencers, you can be part of the global movement toward a more eco-friendly and ethical fashion industry. Let their passion, knowledge, and style inspire you to make a difference and create a more sustainable future.