Collection: The Triton Suit Jacket

The one jacket with all the feels. 

Dressing sustainably has never looked or felt so good. The Triton Collection features sophisticated blazers that you can wear anywhere.

Whether you need to stand out at the office or just want to be more stylish around your friends, the Triton suit jacket will do the trick.
Unlike traditional blazers that restrict movement, the Triton does the opposite. Men with active lifestyles love our 360-stretch fabric. As you bend, stretch, reach, or sit, your blazer moves with you, not against you, providing superior comfort throughout the day.

And say goodbye to being hot and uncomfortable thanks to our light fabrics and moisture-wicking technology. You can stop worrying about sweat, trusting you'll stay nice and dry even during the busiest times of the day.

The Triton jacket also uses fabrics that can stay wrinkle-free, even after going through the wash - keeping you looking good with minimal maintenance.

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