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Sustainable Office Supplies Every Office Should Be Using

Going green has never been more important than it is today. From the food we buy to the clothes we wear, there are endless opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and positively impact the environment.

But did you know that you can also go green at work? It's true! By switching up your office supplies to more sustainable options, you can help create a cleaner, greener world while staying productive. Here's a look at some of the most sustainable office supplies every office should use. 

Why are sustainable office supplies important?

Choosing sustainable office supplies for your business is a great way to make a difference. It is empowering to do something tangible and simple that protects the environment. Not only are eco friendly office supplies better for our planet, but they can also last longer than traditional products.

Sustainable pencils or pens are usually made with more durable materials that don't need to be replaced as often – this means money is saved in the long run. Additionally, sustainability doesn't mean sacrificing style. Many brands are creating beautiful, handcrafted designs that are pleasing to the eye while being responsible for our planet. Take a closer look at those sustainable options now – you'll be amazed to discover how luxurious responsibility can feel!

What are sustainable office supplies?

Sustainable office supplies are an eco friendly way to stay organized and productive while minimizing negative environmental impacts. With recyclable products such as:

  • Sustainable notebooks
  • Recycled pencils
  • Planners
  • Plant based adhesive
  • Recycled plastic
  • Paper clips
  • Eco friendly pens that are made from post-consumer or reused content
  • LED light bulbs

You can easily find materials for your office space that help reduce overall waste. Opting for sustainable supplies is a great way to ensure that your day job helps protect the planet and its resources instead of damaging them.


Breakroom supplies are essential for any office. Therefore, it is important to remember to choose sustainable options for this space for the rest of your work area. There are many ways to choose products that positively impact the planet without sacrificing taste. Choose fair trade coffee and tea to support farmers who grow ethically, or go with pre-packaged snacks from a company that prioritizes sustainability.


When it comes to bathroom supplies, opt for green cleaning products that don't contain harsh chemicals. These are usually made from natural ingredients and free of artificial fragrances or dyes. You can also choose recycled paper towels, toilet paper, and motion-activated faucets and taps to save water.


The kitchen is another great place to choose sustainable options. Opt for dishes, cups, and utensils made from biodegradable materials or reusable items such as glass jars and bottles. If you need disposable items such as paper towels or napkins, look for ones made from recycled content.


When it comes to your office lobby, choose recycled furniture and accent pieces made from reclaimed or sustainable materials. For example, instead of using plastic chairs, opt for ones made from bamboo or other sustainable materials.

Entire Office

You can take sustainability to the next level by looking for office supplies that have been certified as green. This certification means they have been made with sustainable practices and materials that are better for the environment.


Remember to consider sustainability when it comes to your outdoor space. Choose biodegradable furniture, planters, and decorations that will help create a beautiful and eco friendly environment. You can also utilize solar energy by investing in solar lamps or other products powered by renewable energy sources.

Are thrift supplies considered sustainable office supplies?

Yes! Thrift supplies are certainly considered sustainable office supplies. Buying second-hand items, such as furniture and decorations for your office space, is a great way to reduce waste and limit environmental impact.

You can even look for thrift electronics tested and certified, ensuring you get quality equipment without worrying about supporting unethical production practices. Additionally, thrifting is a great way to save money on office supplies and decorations, so you can stay organized without breaking the bank.


Incorporating sustainable office supplies into your workspace is essential for any eco-conscious business. From recycled materials to fair trade coffee and pre-packaged snacks, there are multiple ways to stay organized and productive while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Remember to consider thrift supplies - they can be cost-saving and environmentally friendly. Whether you have a small office or large corporate space, it's vital to make an effort to select sustainable options to conserve our natural resources.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are sustainable office supplies?

Sustainable office supplies are products used in office settings that are designed with environmental responsibility in mind. They are typically made from recycled, biodegradable, or renewable materials and are manufactured through processes that minimize ecological impact. These supplies include items like recycled paper products, biodegradable pens, solar-powered calculators, and eco-friendly cleaning agents. Choosing sustainable office supplies reduces waste, conserves natural resources, and supports a healthier planet.

How can I make my office more sustainable?

Making your office more sustainable involves adopting eco-friendly practices and products. Start by reducing paper usage and switching to digital documentation. Use office supplies made from recycled or sustainable materials, and implement recycling and composting programs. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances can significantly reduce your office's carbon footprint. Encourage carpooling, biking, or public transport for commuting. Finally, consider sourcing supplies from companies committed to environmental sustainability.

What products are environmentally sustainable?

Environmentally sustainable products are those that have a reduced impact on the environment during their lifecycle, from production to disposal. In an office context, these include recycled paper and notebooks, refillable ink cartridges, bamboo or recycled plastic desk accessories, and LED lighting. Electronics with energy-saving features, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and furniture made from sustainable materials like reclaimed wood are also considered environmentally sustainable. Choosing these products helps in conserving natural resources and reducing waste.

What is sustainable stationery?

Sustainable stationery refers to writing and paper products that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. This includes notepads, diaries, and pens made from recycled or responsibly sourced materials, such as post-consumer waste paper, bamboo, or biodegradable plastics. Sustainable stationery often avoids harmful chemicals and opts for natural or non-toxic inks and adhesives. Using sustainable stationery helps in reducing deforestation, minimizing waste, and supporting a more sustainable office environment.