Featured image for blog post: "STATE OF MATTER NYC CHANGE CLOTHES CHALLENGE" by State of Matter, with a hashtag #changeclotheschallenge, showing a mobile boutique with clear walls displaying clothes, part of a clothing swap initiative on a city street.

State of Matter NYC Change Clothes Challenge

State of Matter took the #changeclotheschallenge to the streets of NYC! We popped up at Bryant Park, Soho, and Wall Street to put our favorite pieces to the test by showing everyone that sustainable fabrics and materials can be used to create stylish and even more comfortable apparel.

People enthusiastically swapped out the shirts off their backs for our State of Matter clothing. Our comfort and sustainability seemed to resonate with all that participated in the change clothes challenge.

Here are some of the highlights from our time spent exploring the city during the change clothes challenge!

The Neighborhoods

We talked to clients and got feedback about State of Matter clothing in three distinct districts.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located in midtown Manhattan and is home to various people. We received positive feedback on the comfort, style, and sustainability of our clothing!

The style in this store is more sophisticated. Clients wanted to be comfortable while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. They were most interested in our trousers because they are a classic piece that never goes out of style.


Soho, located downtown, is a popular destination for the trendy crowd. We received positive feedback on our environmentally friendly efforts here.

Fashion is key in Soho. People come to this area looking for clothes that will turn heads. Our relaxed fits were popular among shoppers.

Wall Street

Wall Street is located in the financial district and is home to business people with a more formal style. We received great feedback on our smart casual looks here.

Wall Street is full of people who dress for success. They know what looks professional yet still stylish. State of Matter button-ups and trousers were popular with clients looking for something comfortable but still professional looking.

Our Clothing

We focused on three core pieces, the change clothes challenge while in NYC. The Oceaya Polo, The Triton Chino, and our Phoenix Dress Shirt.

Oceaya Polo

"Stretchy and comfortable, very breathable - it's sturdy!" 

The Oceaya Polo was a big hit in NYC. It is designed with sustainable fabrics and features a classic polo design. People loved the fit, comfort and quality of this piece!

"Love the material." 

Our Oceaya Polo comes in two fits: 1) Modern, trim at the bicep and chest with a relaxed waist, and 2) Classic, relaxed from the chest down and roomy at the collar.

"I love that it's sustainable; that's awesome. That's the most important part."

Triton Chino

"They are cool, comfortable, and stretchy - really lightweight!"

The crowd went wild for our Triton Chino! It features deep pockets, stretchy material for easy movement, and light construction. Plus, people loved the comfortable fit and handsome craftsmanship.

"Sweatpants, but a corporate feel to it"

Our Triton pants are sustainably made and perfect for a day at the office or a night out on the town. With various colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pair of pants for any occasion.

"They feel like pajama pants."

Phoenix Dress Shirt

"Looks great, fits well - love the way it falls."

Our customers praised the Phoenix Dress Shirt for its natural fibers, classic fit, and eco-friendly dyes. They praised the shirt's comfort and how light it felt to wear!

"Feels nice, feels very soft."

Our modern fit is slim but still allows room to breathe. The waist is trim, while the shoulders are left roomy for complete freedom of movement. The 360-Stretch fabric ensures you'll never feel restricted.

"It's good for mobility!"

Overall, the reaction we got from New Yorkers was very positive! People could not believe how comfortable our sustainable fashion pieces were and were pleasantly surprised by how stylish eco-friendly options could be. We had a great time talking to people about sustainable men's fashion in the city, and we look forward to coming back soon!

At State of Matter, we are committed to creating sustainable, conscious fashion that allows you to look good while helping the environment.