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10 Unique and Sustainable Father’s Day Gifts

If you are one of the many who have difficulty finding the right gift for Dad, then you are in the right place. In preparation for the holiday season, interviews were conducted with multiple fathers to explore their gift preferences. Most responses were elusive, ranging from "Oh, nothing" to "I simply want my children's happiness," according to a study by Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist and professor at Golden Gate University.

The stubborn and stoic nature of your old man to let another Father's Day go by without due ceremony and celebration may be the easy option, so to fight back, we decided to make a list of unique, eco-friendly gifts that may help your Dad remember why he deserves to be celebrated! And also help the planet! 

State of Matter Apparel

Where better to start than with our Father’s Day collection? Our stylish and sustainable men's tops and jackets with our sweat-wicking performance fabrics will help you stay cool and comfortable throughout your next summer event.

State of Matter Apparel uses RENU polyester, a fabric whose process for recycling old garments and textiles into like-new polyester rivals the industry standard of only using select plastic waste. They also recycle things like water bottles and ghost fishing nets and turn them into fabric.

It's soft to the touch, lightweight, and with so much stretch, you will need to double-check to make sure you have on a shirt at all!


unique sustainable gifts


Recycled Leather Jacket

After the success of Top Gun: Maverick, which father would not want to mimic Tom Cruise and look his best with a pair of aviators and a matching leather jacket! Fortunately, there are environmentally and ethically sustainable ways to pull off this look without harming the environment. 

Recycled leather is probably the best option here as it does not require more animals to be killed, there is minimal processing, and the original material is kept out of landfills. 

Another option is vegan leather which is very kind to farm animals. However, where vegan leather markets itself as eco-friendly, the reality is that using PVC, PU, and other plastics covers up the environmental harm still caused by producing these materials.

With a little research, finding some excellent sites, like pelechecoco, that offer wonderfully worked recycled leather, could be the perfect gift to unlock the wild thing in your Dad!

Eco-Friendly Watch

Once upon a time, watches may have been synonymous with lasers and grappling hooks from the James Bond franchise, but nowadays, we are thinking more about battery life and metal mesh bands.

There is an easy way to keep track of time and progress with a host of classical-style watches that will remind your Dad of the time and how easy it is to be responsible!

Solios aims to prove that it is possible to reconcile design, elegance, and sustainability. With 300 million disposable watch batteries being produced yearly, it's time to move on to something more sustainable!

Eco-Friendly Mug

For the coffee or tea-loving father, an eco-friendly mug is a must. No more polyethylene or unnecessary waste!

Not only can you get the mugs personalized for very little, there are various designs and styles to suit your Dad. 

Etsy is a global online marketplace that sells, buys, and collects unique items while pushing for positive change for small businesses, people, and the planet!

Biodegradable BBQ

Observing food sizzle over an open fire in the great outdoors evokes a sense of pure, primal delight. One of the great bastions of Fatherhood, the BBQ is a place for pride and adventure, but with all its traditions, there is also a place for unnecessary pollution and waste. 

Replacing the old tin and metal trays could make a huge difference in summer, so why not offer a glimpse of the future with an awesome biodegradable BBQ? With guaranteed great results and a voluntary reinvestment into nature with every purchase, EcoGrill is revolutionizing the future of BBQs.

Tee Time

Hammering a drive down the fairway may look harmless, but there are always casualties. It is crucial to consider the fate of lost or discarded tees as a significant amount are made of plastic. It was estimated that up to 1 billion tees are used each year globally in a generous calculation made by the eco-friendly tee-producing company Tee4Life.

To combat such pollution, another tee-friendly company, Ocean Tee, consciously avoids using plastic and instead crafts its tees from bamboo. Known for its rapid growth, Bamboo is the perfect material to be used for tee manufacturing. The aim is to reduce the number of tees used during each golf session. Moreover, Ocean Tee allocates 25 percent of its profits to charitable organizations focused on combating plastic pollution, furthering their commitment to environmental preservation.

Vegan Cookbook

Your Dad may claim to be a pure carnivore, but he might have to change his tune soon. Google searches for "vegan food near me" experienced more than a 5000% increase in 2021, according to The Vegan Society. With a wider array of delicious dishes available using plant-based primary ingredients, unleashing the inner Gordon Ramsey (hopefully without the bad language!) in your father with a vegan cookbook could be the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

Vegan Man: The manual for cooking amazing plant-based food by Michael Kitson has received excellent reviews and could be a great way to integrate a more sustainable approach in the kitchen.

Electric Vehicle Race Day

The slow march of progress to a more sustainable future may not be enough to saturate your Dad's need for speed. Luckily, the electric car revolution has reached a point where now he can get behind the wheel and take to the track.

With new laws coming into place, like California's Advanced Clean Cars II regulations, we will likely all need to get familiar with electric vehicles. What better way than to throw your Dad in at the deep end with a race-day package that will banish any ideas that these new cars lack horsepower!

Organic Whiskey Warmer Gift Box Hamper

After a long day at the office, a glass of smooth whiskey is always a welcome sight. Alcohol is not the usual industry for discussions of sustainability, but common ingredients worldwide are used to produce it. Several distillers are making a dedicated effort to discover more sustainable practices. They achieve this by collaborating with local farmers, using alternative energy sources to fuel their distilleries, and utilizing the heat recycled from their stills to create a warm atmosphere in their tasting rooms. 

Supporting these efforts and choosing eco-friendly brands can help set the tone for a better future, but that does not mean compromising the quality. Gift box hampers like those at The Goodness Project offer a classy and sustainable alternative to a simple bottle.

Organic Beard Grooming Kit

For all fuzzy fathers, maintaining and caring for all that additional hair seems like such an uphill task that it can be tempting to go Captain Caveman. Unfortunately, an unkempt furry face is not the only potential problem. 

The environmental impact of industrial-produced hair care products creates a staggering amount of pollution and waste with the vast amount of synthetic chemicals running down our drains and the irresponsible disposal of plastic bottles. Consumers in the UK need to follow proper recycling procedures to avoid throwing away 520 million bottles of shampoo yearly, according to research by DS Smith on the average annual waste produced by Brits.

Buying an organic beard grooming kit for Father's Day will make him look great and give him the hairy-tale ending he deserves!

In Conclusion

Buying a great gift and thinking from a sustainable perspective do not need to be mutually exclusive. Although fathers can occasionally be difficult to buy for, they are always grateful and with a light prod, could start integrating some healthier and more environmentally friendly practices into their everyday lives. We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for Father’s Day!