Ethical & Sustainable Men's Clothing. Your Guide To Buying Eco-Friendly Fashion



Textile waste is a massive concern for the fashion industry. According to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 87% of all fiber input used for clothing winds up in landfills or gets incinerated.

That's unfortunate because it's possible to recycle those fabrics to create sustainable clothing.

These problems only continue to persist in the fashion industry. That’s why when we launched State of Matter Apparel - we knew we had to make a difference. We understood that ethical practices and sustainability had to be at the core of everything we make.

To reduce your carbon footprint, buying sustainable menswear is a must. Read on to learn why sustainable clothing brands are so necessary.

What Is Ethical and Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable clothing and ethical fashion are two terms people often lump together. The two work in tandem, but here's the distinction

Sustainable clothing refers to manufacturing shoes, clothing, and accessories with recycled materials and sustainable fabrics.

Ethical fashion refers to minimizing the negative impacts clothing manufacturing has on the environment, animals, and society. It also focuses on ethical working conditions for clothing companies.

The Main Sustainability & Ethical Challenges in the Industry

There are numerous ethical and sustainable challenges in the fashion world today. Here's a look at the most pressing challenges currently facing the industry.

Environmental Impact

The fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters.

A study by UNEP found that the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or thrown in a landfill every single second.

That reinforces the need for sustainable brands using recycled materials.

Low Wages & Unsafe Working Conditions

Another significant issue in fashion is the lack of fair wages for clothing workers. Thousands of companies manufacture clothes in developing countries with cheap labor.

The ethical practices of these companies are less than stellar too. To avoid this - it's crucial to shop at ethical clothing brands that practice fair trade fashion.

Animal Cruelty

There needs to be a shift toward sustainable materials for clothing to protect animals. Each year, over 1.4 billion animals die to produce leather.

That doesn't need to happen with sustainable solutions like recycled synthetics, organic materials, and recycled plastic.

Six Simple Ways To Dress More Eco-Friendly

Multiple protest signs talking about sustainable fashion.

If you're feeling somber from the stats listed above - know that fair trade clothing is the solution.

You will positively impact the environment, working conditions, and animals by wearing sustainable clothing.

Here are six quick ways you can start dressing more eco-friendly today.

1. Know Your Materials

It's imperative to educate yourself on which natural materials have the least negative impact on the environment. For instance, organic cotton uses far less water than traditional cotton.

2. Take Better Care of Your Clothes

Are you reaching for the trash as soon as a hole appears in a shirt? It's time to practice better sustainable living habits. Repair clothes instead of throwing them out, and strive to extend the life of your wardrobe.

3. Add More Trans-Seasonal Items to Your Wardrobe

Seasonal clothing may be fashionable, but it's not ideal for sustainable living. Rather than going all out with seasonal clothing, invest in clothes that you can wear any time of the year.

4. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Sustainable men's clothing may cost more than traditional clothing upfront, but there's a catch.
Sustainable clothes last longer and are in style all year round. You'll spend less in the long run, and you'll make a positive impact.

5. Donate Clothes to Give Them a Second Life

If your clothes truly have seen their last days - don't resort to throwing them out.
There are plenty of charities that need clothing donations. For clothes beyond repair, look into recycling the materials.

6. Support Brands That Make a Positive Impact

To fight climate change and protect animals, support ethical brands.
You can vote with your dollars by only buying clothing from ethical men's clothing brands.

How State of Matter Apparel Promotes Sustainable & Ethical Men's Fashion

The State of Matter Apparel logo.

At State of Matter Apparel, we became the change we wanted to see in the fashion industry. Our vision was to manufacture clothing as close to 100% sustainable as humanly possible.

Thanks to our fabric innovations, fantastic partners, and amazing team, we achieved our goals.

Our Materials

State of Matter Materials

We use materials that seem to defy logic but make incredible clothing. Some of our largest collections - such as the Phoenix - get made from RENU recycled fabrics and garments. We’re able to construct our Triton pants from regenerated nylon scraps off manufacturing floors.

We can even use recycled plastic bottles to make premium fibers for our clothing - our team repurposes and recycles everything from old carpets to fishing nets to make our premium menswear.

The 360° Afterlife Program

When it's time to retire a piece of our clothing, please send it back to us for a 20% discount on your next purchase. We'll either clean it, donate it, or recycle it.

Our Partners

Our Collections

We have four core sustainable men's clothing collections at State of Matter Apparel.

  • The Phoenix. This was our first foray into sustainable menswear. Our goal was to deliver style, comfort, and performance - all while staying sustainable. We were able to deliver everything with the Phoenix. The collection features RENU recycled fibers.
  • The Phoenix Black Long Sleeve Shirt | $98

  • The Triton. Tired of tight jeans confining your movement? You need our 'stretchy' pants to set yourself free. The kicker? Triton pants are ethically sourced and sustainably made from recycled nylon.
  • The Triton Pant - Deep Burgundy | $119

  • The Oceaya. Finally, a polo shirt that’s breathable and comfortable. The fabric is cool to the touch - so you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat during a busy day. The Oceaya features polyester made from recycled plastic bottles that are infused with pulverized oyster shells. Why oyster shells? Because they provide all-natural, permanent odor protection.
  • The Oceaya Polo - Blue Foral | $78

    5 Ethical and Sustainable Men's Clothing Brands

    1. Patagonia

    Patagonia manufactures sustainable outdoor clothing for fishers, snowboarders, climbers - and everyone in between. The company imposes a 1% ‘Earth tax’ on itself - and the proceeds go to environmental nonprofits.

    2. Faherty

    Faherty is a sustainably-minded clothing brand from Austin, Texas. Their goal is to forge a new American legacy with high-quality eco-friendly clothing and activism.

    3. Organic Basics

    Organic Basics is an eco-friendly clothing brand from Denmark. They aren’t afraid to call the fashion industry dirty, and the company is part of the sustainable movement to clean it up.

    4. Passion Lillie

    Passion Lillie is a fair trade fashion brand. They feature handwoven and hand-block printed fabrics and classic silhouettes.

    5. United By Blue

    United By Blue creates sustainable outdoor apparel and accessories. The company takes part in trash cleanups all across the USA, and they invite you to join them.

    Try Out State of Matter Apparel to Enjoy a Stylish & Sustainable Wardrobe

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